Horses Born in 2017.

  • TWO YEARS OLD COLTS and GELDINGS (Sorted in alphabetical order)

    CONQUEST AS  by  Conway Hall - Cordele As - Kadabra.  Record: 1:57.3  Earnings: 29,250 USD.
    Owner: ACL Stuteri.
    DE CHIRICO  by  So Surreal - Artcotic - Artiscape.  Record: 1:58.4  Earnings: 0
    Owner: Theodore Gewertz
    GROSSETO AS  by  Conway Hall - Follonica - Daguet Rapide.  Record: 2:02.1  Earnings: 6,300 USD.
    Owner: ACL Stuteri.
    HOLOCENE  by  Trixton - It's Alright Ma - Chocolatier.  Record: ---  Earnings: 0
    Owner: Knutsson Trotting & Little E LLC
    HUNTING AS  by  Lionhunter - Cantabit - Cantab Hall.  Record: 2:00.3  Earnings: 2,815 USD.
    Owner: ACL Stuteri.
    LIONGUARD AS  by  Lionhunter - Yankee Jeanie - Donerail.  Record: 1:57.0  Earnings: 17,100 USD.
    Owner: ACL Stuteri.
    LOOK IN MY EYES  by  Lionhunter - Guilt Free - Enjoy Lavec. Record: 1:58.3  Earnings: 20,290 USD.
    Owner: Anette Lorentzon.

    TWO YEARS OLD FILLIES (Sorted in alphabetical order)

    ALLEYESONME AS  by  Heston Blue Chip - Twincreeks Jewel.  Record: 1:54.0  Earnings: 66,875 USD.
    Owner: ACL Stuteri and Anette Lorentzon.
    CATWALK AS  by  Lionhunter - Cascade As - Mack Lobell.  Record: 1:59.0  Earnings: 14,775 USD.
    Owner: ACL Stuteri.
    JUSTTHEWAYUARE AS  by  Explosive Matter - High Musclemass.  Record: 1:57.1  Earnings: 7,690 USD.
    Owner: ACL Stuteri and Kjell Johansson.
    KISS ON FIRE AS  by  Lionhunter - Wings On Fire - Prego Nilema.  Record: 2:02.1  Earnings: 875 USD.
    Owner: ACL Stuteri.
    NOTHINGTOFEAR AS  by  Whom Shall I Fear - Benediction Lindy.  Record: 2:00.1  Earnings: 7,125 USD.
    Owner: ACL Stuteri.
    TRIATHLON AS  by  Trixton - There´s A Way - Credit Winner.  Record: 1:57.2  Earnings: 12,090 USD.
    Owner: ACL Stuteri.


   Horses Born in 2016.

  • THREE YEARS OLD COLTS and GELDINGS (Sorted in alphabetical order)

    BLUTO'S DIAMOND  Gender: Gelding  by  Bluto - Sue's Kitchen.  Record: 1:56.2  Earnings: 19,960 USD.
    Owner: ACL Stuteri and Anette Lorentzon.
    LIGHTS COME ON  Gender: Colt  by  Chapter Seven - Starlit Eyes.  Record: 1:55.0  Earnings: 116,366 USD.
    Owner: ACL Stuteri, Ted Gewertz and Anette Lorentzon.
    MUFASA AS  Gender: Gelding  by  Lionhunter - Manteslajolie.  Record: 1:57.0  Earnings: 28,250 USD.
    Owner: ACL Stuteri.
    SHAKE N BAKE  Gender: Colt  by  Manofmanymissions - M Stewart  Record: 1:52.1  Earnings: 175,707 USD.
    Owner: Michael Soehnlen.
    STATE OFMYHEAD AS  Gender: Colt  by  Broadway Hall - Yankee Jeaniby  Record: 1:57.3  Earnings: 40,285 USD.
    Owner: ACL Stuteri and Kjell Johansson.
    SURREAL ART  Gender: Colt  by  So Surreal - Atrcotic - Artiscape.  Record: 1:52.0  Earnings: 57,360 USD.
    Owner: Ted Gewertz.
    TIMON AS  Gender: Gelding  by  Lionhunter - Pandora As - Prego Nilema.  Record: 1:57.0  Earnings: 13,787 USD.
    Owner: ACL Stuteri.
    YANKEES BEAST  Gender: Gelding  by  Yankee Glide - Fashion As  Record: 1:55.3 Earnings: 41,040 USD.
    Owner: Anna Lorentzon

    THREE YEARS OLD FILLIES (Sorted in alphabetical order)

    CUSTOM SALLY  by  Mr Cantab - Custom Model - Tagliabuby.  Record: 1:57.2  Earnings: 9,105 USD.
    Owner: ACL Stuteri, Anette Lorentzon.
    GRACEFUL  by  Muscle Hill - Belgravia - Kadabra.  Record: 1:56.1  Earnings: 55,887 USD.
    Owner: Lachance Racing Stable och Dragon Racing Inc.
    GOBI PRINCESS  by  Muscle Mass - Mrs D - Chocolatier.  Record: 1:52.0  Earnings: 105,965 USD.
    Owner: Knutsson Trotting.
    FEEL INVINCIBLE AS  by  Broadway Hall - There´s A Way.  Record: 1:55.2  Earnings: 105,117 USD.
    Owner: ACL Stuteri and Kjell Johansson.
    MA WAS RIGHT  by  Muscle Hill - It's Alright Ma - Chocolatier.  Record: 1:55.1  Earnings: 169,620 USD.
    Owner: All Laid Out Stable.
    PLAY IT AGAIN AS  by  EL Titan - Fortune Again - Andover Hall.  Record: 1:57.2  Earnings: 22,913 USD.
    Owner: ACL Stuteri.
    SARAFINA AS  by  Lionhunter - Delight As - Striking Sahbra.  Record: 1:56.1  Earnings: 19,020 USD.
    Owner: ACL Stuteri.
    SLIM WHITE HANOVER  by  Muscle Hill - Wasabi Hanover.  Record: 1:56.2  Earnings: 13,940 USD.
    Owner: SRF Stables.
    SKY IS MINE  by  Muscle Hill - Raising Roxanne.  Record: 1:55.1  Startprissumma: 58,185 USD.
    Owner: All Laid Out Stable
    STRIP IT DOWN AS  by  Archangel - High Musclemass.  Record: 1:51.2  Earnings: 138,429 USD.
    Owner: ACL Stuteri and Kjell Johansson.
    VICTORYISALLUNEED  by  Lionhunter - Guilt Free - Enjoy Lavec.  Record: 1:57.1  Earnings: 29,196 USD.
    Owner: ACL Stuteri.


   Older Horses.

  •      COLTS, GELDINGS and MARES (Sorted by age and sorted alphabetically)

  •  Black Mamba As
    BLACK MAMBA AS  Gender: Mare  Born 2015  by  Lionhunter - Happy Year - Passionnant
    Record: 1:52.4 Earnings: 278,785 USD Owner: ACL Stuteri.

     Lipsofangel As
    LIPSOFANGEL AS  Gender: Mare  Born 2015  by  Manofmanymission - Yankee Jeanie
    Record: 1:56.1 Earnings: 27,730 USD Owner: ACL Stuteri.

     Lion Safari As
    LION SAFARI AS  Gender: Gelding  Born 2015  by  Lionhunter - Savanah Dream
    Record: 1:54.4 Earnings: 96,020 USD Owner: ACL Stuteri and Anette Lorentzon.

     Modern Rock As
    MODERN ROCK AS  Gender: Gelding  Born 2015  by  Pet Rock - Modesta Hall - Cambest
    Record: 1:52.0 Earnings: 42,980 USD Owner: ACL Stuteri.

    NEVERFORGETWHOUR  Gender: Mare  Born 2015  by  Always A Wirgin - Book Babe
    Record: 1:51.0 Earnings: 260,930 USD Owner: Anette Lorentzon.

     River Otter
    RIVER OTTER  Gender: Gelding  Born 2015  by  Mr Cantab - Cq Yankee - Muscles Yankee
    Record: 1:53.1 Earnings: 233,611 USD Owner: Yinson Quezada.

    WORTHYOURATTENTION  Gender: Mare  Born 2015  by  Conway Hall - Fashion As
    Record: 1:55.3 Earnings: 96,630 USD Owner: Anna Lorentzon.

     Eye OfA Tiger As
    EYE OFA TIGER AS  Gender: Gelding  Born 2014  by  Chapter Seven-Cascade As-Mack Lobell
    Rekord: 1:53.4  Earnings: 558,143 USD  Owner: ACL Stuteri och Kjell Johansson.

     Guardian Angel As
    GUARDIAN ANGEL AS  Gender: Colt  Born 2014  by  Archangel - Provide As - Allstar Hall
    Record: 1:49.2 Earnings: 1,261,380 USD Owner: ACL Stuteri and Kjell Johansson.

    MAGRITTE  Gender: Gelding  Born 2014  by  Somebeachsomewhere - Artcotic
    Record: 1:50.3 Earnings: 208,620 USD Owner: Theodore Gewertz.

     Perfect Stick
    PERFECT STICK  Gender: Mare  Born 2014  by  Big Stick Lindy - Ackbro Ms Perfect
    Record: 1:53.2 Earnings: 180,227 USD Owner: Yinson Quezada.

     Starlight As
    STARLIGHT AS  Gender: Gelding  Born 2014  by  Allstar Hall - Delight As
    Record: 1:55.0 Earnings: 228,495 USD Owner: ACL Stuteri and Kjell J

    VATANNA  Gender: Mare  Born 2014  by  Dejarmbro - DJ Babe - Armbro Iliad
    Record: 1:55.1 Earnings: 160,250 USD Owner: Anna Lorentzon.

     Swan On The Bank
    SWAN ON THE BANK  Gender: Gelding  Born 2013  by  Swan For All - Banker's Princess
    Record: 1:55.2  Earnings: 81.445 USD Owner: Mario Cilitti.

     Andy Ray
    ANDY RAY  Gender: Gelding  Born 2012  by  Crazed - Crown N Lindy - Conway Hall
    Record: 1:53.1 Earnings: 569,710 USD Owner: Yinson Quezada.

     Infiniti As
    INFINITI AS  Gender: Gelding  Born 2012  by  Infinitif - Yankee Jeanie - Donerail
    Record: 1:52.0 Earnings: 216,691 USD Owner: ACL Stuteri.

    JETSTREAMDONTTOUCH  Gelding  Born 2011  by  Dontgetinmyway-Jetstream Fun Time
    Record: 1:51.3  Earnings: 204,551 USD  Owner: Anette Lorentzon.

     Adversary Seelster
    ADVERSARY SEELSTER  Gender: Gelding  Born 2010  by  Badlands Hanover - Alias Seelster
    Record: 1:50.4S  Earnings: 261,771 USD  Owner: Anette Lorentzon.

    BOFFIN  Gender: Gelding  Born 2010  by  Donato Hanover - Trance Anthem
    Record: 1:51.1 Earnings: 589,587 USD Owner: ACL, Anette L. and Kjell J..

    COMMUNICATOR  Gender: Gelding  Born 2009  by  Tell All - Actress - Western Ideal
    Record: 1:51.2 Earnings: 254,056 USD Owner: Mario Cilitti.

     True To Mach
    TRUE TO MACH  Gender: Gelding  Born 2009  by  Mach Three - True To Life
    Record: 1:51.4 Earnings: 290,089 USD Owner: Anette Lorentzon.

    FIRSTCLASSALLTHWAY  Gender: Gelding  Born 2007  by  Dontgetinmyway
    Record: 1:49.3 Earnings: 458,211 USD Owner: Anette Lorentzon.