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  •  Chasin' Dreams 08/27/2018 | New victory for Chasin' Dreams

    Brian Sears won his 10,000 win when he won with our CHASIN' DREAMS (by Credit Winner-Bold Dreamer) yesterday at Yonkers Raceway. Chasin won easily with 2 lengths and the win was worth 8,000 dollars. We own the horse together with Kjell Johansson. The LIONKING AS (by Lionhunter - There's A Way) finished 2nd at the same race track.

     Lipsofangel As 08/23/2018 | 2 new wins today

    First won the pacer RUTHLESS CALL at Hoosier Park for Todd Warren. Elliott Deaton owns. And then took the 3-year-old filly LIPSOFANGEL AS her 2nd straight win at The Red Mile with 6 lengths - time 1:56.4. Elliott Deaton drowe.

     Black Mamba As 08/23/2018 | Winner of the ISS final

    Talented BLACK MAMBA AS (by Lionhunter - Happy Year) won the final of Indiana Sire Stakes for three year old Fillies at Hoosier Park yesterday - time 1: 53.0. The win was worth 37,500 USD and Todd Warren drove. The horse is owned by ACL Stuteri.

     Labadee As 08/21/2018 | Two new victories yesterday

    The 2-year-old LABADEE AS (by Conway Hall - Smith Hall) won his 3rd victory last night at Yonkers Raceway. Brian Sears sat in the sulky. ULTIMATE SHOPPER took the stable's 2nd victory last night at Northfield Park. Elliott Deaton drove. We own the mare together with Anette o Kjell Johansson.

     Worthyourattention 08/18/2018 | Worthyourattention a winner

    The 3-year-old WORTHYOURATTENTION (by Conway Hall - Fashion As - Drean Vacation) won at Chester after a race as 4th horse and then outside the leader. Driver George Napolitano Jr. Time 1: 57.0. Anna Lorentzon breeders and owners.

     Lipsofangel As 08/17/2018 | First victory in the career

    During yesterday's evening races at The Red Mile, the 3-year-old filly LIPSOFANGEL AS (by Manofmanymission - Yankee Jeanie-Donerail) took her first victory in her career - time 1:57.3. Elliott Deaton drove and ACL Stuteri owns the winner.

     Lion Safari As 08/16/2018 | New victory for Lion Safari As

    The 3-year-old LION SAFARI AS (by Lionhunter - Savannah Dream) won at Hoosier Park last night on a dirty track for Elliott Deaton. Time 1:57.2 and $ 4,250 in prize money.

     Zazu As 08/16/2018 | Three horses sold on internet auction

    During yesterday's internet auction in the United States, we sold the following horses: HIGH DEFINATION AS (by Dejarmbro - High Musclemass), TROPICAL SPLASH AS (by Dejarmbro - Tropical Breeze As) and ZAZU AS (by Lionhunter - Marabou As - Chocolate) - the image to the left. We hope the new owners will be happy with their purchases.

     Boffin 08/12/2018 | Today's 3rd victory

    Third victory for the day arrenged BOFFIN (by Donato Hanover - Trance Anthem) at Pocano Downs, time 1:53.1 for Tim Tetrick. The win was worth $ 10,750 and the stable passed $ 1.2 million in 2018. We own Boffin together with Anette o Kjell.

     Guardian Angel As 08/12/2018 | Victory 100 to the Stable

    Victory 100 to ACL Racing Stable this year, took GUARDIAN ANGEL AS (by Archangel - Provide As) on the new track record at Yonkers! Time 1:53.4 on Yonkers 800m track. $ 22,000 was the victory worth. Jason Bartlett driver and we own the nice horse together with Kjell Johansson.

     Andy Ray 08/12/2018 | A new victory for Andy Ray

    The 6-year-old ANDY RAY (by Crazed - Crown N Lindy - Conway Hall) won on Yonkers despite a trip outside the leader. He was very good! Jason Bartlett driver. Yinson Quesada owns the Crazed Zone. $ 14,800 in prize money.

     Girly Cocktail 08/10/2018 | The eight hundred win

    The 800th win of ACL Racing Stable in the US took GIRLY COCKTAIL (by Muscle Hill - Slightly Tipsy - Conway Hall) on The Red Mile last night - at a superior victory. Elliott Deaton drove and SRF Stable owns the filly.

     Ruthless Call 08/10/2018 | Ruthless Call won from the lead

    The 4-year-old pacer RUTHLESS CALL won from the lead at Hoosier Park last night, at the time 1:50.4. Todd Warren drove and it is Elliott Deaton who owns the horse.
    On The Red Mile won the 2-year-old filly STRIP IT DOWN AS ( by Archangel-High Muscle Mass). We own the horse together with Kjell Johansson, Sweden.

     Lights Come On 08/08/2018 | Victory for Lights Come On

    The 2-year-old colt LIGHTS COME ON (by Chapter Seven-Starlit Eyes) won Excelsior A at Batavia tonight. Victory 95 this year for ACL Racing Stable. Drew Monti was driving and the victory was worth $ 7,500 to the owners ACL Stuteri, Ted Gewertz and Anette Lorentzon.

     Communicator 08/06/2018 | Victory for Communicator

    The 9-year-old COMMUNICATOR (by Tell All - Actress - Western Ideal) won at The Red Mile last night at 1: 52.4 for Elliott Deaton. Mario Cilitti owns the horse.

     Anette Lorentzon 08/05/2018 | Final win for Anette Lorentzon

    The 2-year-old ZAZU AS (by Lionhunter - Marabou As) won yesterday the final of Kentucky Fair Stakes at The Red Mile with 10 lengths for Elliott Deaton after a quick finish at 1: 57.1. TIFFANY ROCKS AS 2th in her final for 3-year-old pacer fillies. TROPICAL SPLASH AS 4th after a tough journey.

     Youlightupmyworld 08/03/2018 | Victory for Youlightupmyworld

    The three-year-old filly YOULIGHTUPMYWORLD (by Explosive Matter - Highland Glider - Yankee Glide) took a safe victory last night at The Red MIle. Elliott Deaton was driving and it is Kentuckiana Racing Stable who owns the horse.

     Neverforgetwhour 08/02/2018 | Vinner of Indiana Sire Stakes

    The 3 year old pacer filly NEWERFORGETWHOUR won yesterday at Hoosier Park from the lead at 1: 52.0 in the Indiana Sire Stakes final and received $ 37,500 for it. Elliott Deaton driver. Anette is both breeder and owner. BLACK MAMBA AS 3rd in the final for 3 year-old Fillies after the fastest ending. LION SAFARI AS 2nd in ISS for 3 Year Old Colts and Geldings.

     Labadee As 08/01/2018 | 2nd straight win for Labadee As

    The 2-year-old LABADEE AS (by Conway Hall - Smith Hall) won yesterday at Saratoga for Tim Tetrick with 4 lengths. It was his 2nd straight win, worth $ 7,500.

     Firstclassallthway 07/30/2018 | Victory for Firstclassallthway

    Last night, won the eleven-year-old gelding FIRSTCLASSALLTHWAY (by Dontgetinmyway - Cosmic Burst) at The Red Mile. Winning time 1:53.0 and it was Elliott Deaton who held in the reins. Anette owns him.

     The Red Mile 07/28/2018 | Four winners yesterday

    Four horses, ZAZU AS, VICTORYISALLUNEED, TROPICAL SPLASH AS and TIFFANY ROCKS AS from our Racing Stable started yesterday at The Red Mile in KY Fair Stakes, all won for driver Elliott Deaton. During the day, we passed 1 million dollars earned in 2018.

     Boffin 07/23/2018 | 3rd straight win for Boffin

    The 2nd win yesterday when BOFFIN took his 3rd straight victory at Pocano Downs and passed half a million dollars earned. George Napolitano Jr drove. We own the horse together with Kjell Johansson and Anette.

     Guardian Angel As 07/23/2018 | A new track record

    What proud John-Erik had been yesterday over GUARDIAN ANGEL AS when he won at a new track record at Chester 1:50.4. Tim Tetrick drove. The win was worth $ 15,000. We own him together with Kjell Johansson.

     Feel Invincible As 07/21/2018 | Winner of Ohio Sire Stakes

    The 2-year-old filly FEEL INVINCIBLE AS (by Broadway Hall - Theres A Way) won her 2nd straight victory when she won Ohio Sire Stakes last night on Scioto Downs. She won with 6 lengths for Elliott Deaton. We own the horse together with Kjell Johansson. The win was worth $ 20,000.

     Labadee As 07/21/2018 | Winner of Excelsior "A" Series

    The 2-year-old colt LABADEE AS (by Conway Hall - Smith Hall) won the Excelsior "A" Series at Tioga Downs last night after a run as the third horse and then outside the leader. He won with 2 lengths for Brian Sears. 7,500 USD in prize money.

     Spartan 07/20/2018 | 3th straight win

    The 3-year-old gelding SPARTAN took the 3th straight win when he won the Stallion Series at Chester last afternoon. Set as the 3rd horse advanced forward on the long side and could win with 3 lengths. Tim Tetrick drove. We own him together with Anette and Fayette AB.

     Lionhunter 07/19/2018 | Success for our Stallion

    Double victory for our Stallion LIONHUNTER (by Muscles Yankee - Passionate Princess) at Hoosier Park last night when the offspring LION SAFARI AS won before LION KING AS. Elliott Deaton and Todd Warren drove.

     1 Nice And Shiny As 07/19/2018 | 2nd straight victory

    The 3-year-old filly NICE AND SHINY AS (by Stormin Normand - Follonica - Daguet Rapide) won Buckeye Stallion on Scioto Downs yesterday afternoon. It was her 2nd straight victory. Chris Page drove. The win was worth 7,500 USD.

     Strip It Down 07/18/2018 | Victory in her debut

    The 2-year-old filly STRIP IT DOWN AS (by Archangel-High Muscle Mass) won at Hoosier Park last night with 6 lengths on time 1: 58.1 - after a very fast finish. Elliott Deaton driver. We own her together with Kjell Johansson, Sweden.

     John-Erik Magnusson 07/15/2018 | John-Erik Magnusson is dead, 66.

    My life mate and husband, our dad, John-Erik Magnusson has died in a tragic accident on Saturday, July 14, 2018, while he bailing hay, home at ACL Farm in Kentucky.

    Very missed by us.  Ann-Christin, Anette and Anna.

     Aperfectruby 07/14/2018 | The 75:th win of the year

    The 75:th win of the year for the stable took the 3-year-old APERFECTRUBY at Yonkers Raceway last night - after a perfect journey from the pocket for Jason Bartlett. The victory was worth 8,000 dollars. We own the horse together with Kjell Johansson. TIFANY ROCKS AS won on the Lebanon Raceway for Elliott Deaton from the lead - took his 2nd straight victory.

     Feel Invincible As 07/13/2018 | Victory in the debut

    The 2-year-old filly FEEL INVINCIBLE AS (by Broadway Hall - There´s A Way) won in her debut on Scioto Down's last night. After a race mostly in the lead, she could easily win at 1:58.2 for Chris Page. We own the horse together with Kjell Johansson. The win was worth $ 7,500.

     Infiniti As 07/12/2018 | 2 wins at Hoosier Park last night

    The 3-year-old NICE AND SHINY AS won at 1:55.1 and the 6-year-old INFINITI AS at 1:55.0 in addition was THE LIONKING AS 2nd. All driven by Elliott Deaton. In Buffalo, was the 2-year-old GOBI PRINCESS 2nd in NY Sire Stakes in a good way. Scott Zeron driver. Knutsson Trotting owns.

     Spartan 07/11/2018 | A new victory for Spartan

    SPARTAN (by Muscle Hill - Vernon Blue Chip) took this afternoon's his 4th victory this year at 6 starts. Set far behind in the field but could easily win for Tim Tetrick, time 1:56.1. The win was worth $ 7,000.

     Perfect Stick 07/07/2018 | The 4th year's victory

    PERFECT STICK took her 4th victory for the year at Yonkers Raceway last night. Placed as the 3rd horse in the race, she could then won easily with 1 length. Jason Bartlett driver. Time 1:56.1 and 13.000 dollars in prize money. Yinson Quezada owns.

     Chasin` Dreams 07/04/2018 | The 4th straight victory

    CHASIN'S DREAMS (by Credit Winner-Bold Dreamer) won at Chester this afternoon and took the 4th straight victory (4 starts) for us. We bought him in Harrisburg in November together with Kjell Johansson.
    Leading the whole race at the time 1:55.1 - Tim Tetrick drove.

     State Ofmyhead As 07/03/2018 | First win for 2 year olds

    This year's 1st 2-year-old start was a victory for State Ofmyhead As (by Broadway Hall-Yankee Jeanie). He took the lead from 7th track behind the car and kept it all the way in the Buckeye Stallion Series on Scioto Downs - time 1:58.4. Elliott Deaton drove. We own the horse together with Kjell Johansson.

     Lebanon Raceway 07/03/2018 | Nice results at Lebanon Raceway

    The first time we start in the Fair Stakes on Lebanon Raceway. 4 horses to start 3 year old Tiffany Rocks As and Tropical Splash As won. 2-year-old Zazu As took the second place. Unfortunately, High Definition As broke.

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